Menjadikan Dunia Satu Keluaga



Fr. Gindo Tinambunan

When I was in senior highschool, actually on the first grade, I have ever made a love relation with a girl from another school, now she is staying and working in Pekanbaru. I think, it was very exciting because I had to try giving something from my self like attention, patience, and love. I did everything about love to her made me so happy from the deeps of my hearth. I did really enjoyed that time, that’s why I thank God.

I still remember an experience when I celebrated my birthday. She gave me special gift which I loved very much. She gave me a sweet sweater and love kissing. It was an experience which made me so happy and thanked God because I have ever experienced all of it. I was very happy not only because I had a girlfriend and she gave me her love, her attention but also because I could finish my relation with her so well. However, she gave me a support about my vocation to be a priest. This experience make me try to cultivate my mind, my feeling and of course my self to give something to others. I think this is not only a love relation with a girl but also a relation that God gave to me. I say that because I think there is God’s intervention in our relationship. So that, along of our relation there is no something that anybody do not want to happen. I really thanked God who gave me all of it , through my parents who gave me their understanding when I experienced that.

In my family of course I have ever experienced accepting and giving love. The love of my parents is so big for my brothers, sister and me. Although I sometimes thinks that they do not love me because of something wrong I did and then I was punished by them, yet now I know that it was one way to show their love for us. Now I understand after getting many lesson, they give me a punishment when I do something wrong in order I aware that I have done something wrong and do not make it again and in order I become a good man who can give love in each of my behavior and attitude. Thank God for love, thanks to my mother, father, and my big family for your love. I love you all.

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